Ability Multimedia

About Ability Multimedia

Established in February of 2004 as a freelance web design company, Ability Multimedia has grown over the last few years to become a full service online marketing firm. We have been operating out of our office on Lake City way since 2007.


Joseph Bengtson � Founded Ability Multimedia after graduating from Western Washington University in 2004. Since then, he has been the driving force in building Ability Multimedia into what it is today. Over the last few years, Joseph has worked on a variety of projects in addition to running Ability Multimedia. In particular, he has worked with Microsoft on the Games for Windows � LIVE client and the MSN Entertainment team.

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Dianne Bengtson � Joined Ability Multimedia in 2006 as our content specialist. She has a number of years experience working at Microsoft on server technology. She has worked in Web Advertising management since 1998 for large corporations and small businesses. Dianne now focuses on writing content optimized for search engines and building successful online marketing campaigns for our clients.

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