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What do we mean by Web Design?

January 26th, 2008

Some thoughts on Web design, with a strong nod to “Treating design as art” a talk by Paola Antonelli, design curator at New York’s MOMA (Museum of Modern Art).

When we at Ability Multimedia talk about design, we are talking about the useful and functional characteristics, as well as the visual appeal of your Website. As designers we synthesize the technologies, the possibilities of the Web into the right design for you. We bring your business to the Web in a way that enhances it overall.

The initial value a designer of custom Websites offers is to help you sort through the many possibilities and help you decide which are right for your business. The next big step is to synthesize those parts into an original and unique Website that functions and expresses the character of your business.Better design results in a better Website. Because of our commitment to good design in the larger sense your Website will be more than the sum of it’s parts. It will function better, look better and enable site visitors to get more from using it.

~Dianne Bengtson
Partner, Ability Multimedia

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