Ability Multimedia


Ability Multimedia offers seminars on Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing and Web Analytics.

Online marketing has overtaken most other forms of marketing. In Ability Multimedia seminars, you can learn cost effective ways to market your business. We offer a range of seminars for different levels of knowledge and areas of interest. These seminars can help you start marketing your business on the web or develop advanced skills in a particular area.

Some workshops offered by Ability Multimedia:

  • Essentials of Online Marketing
  • All That Twitters
  • Free (and Really, Really Cheap) Ways to Tell if Your Web Marketing is Working

  • Being Known
  • Email Marketing that Works for Local Businesses

Schedule of upcoming workshops

"You can't go viral if there is no one around to infect. You have to have a network. You have to have fans."

- Brian Carter