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Turning Pay-Per-Click Campaign Leads into Customers for Local Businesses

November 9th, 2010

Pay-per-click generated calls from customers are pre-qualified leads. Are your employees turning those leads into sales?

Sales doesn't end with the click, in fact, it's just the beginning.

Online marketers like to talk about ad relevance, landing pages with calls to action and conversion rates, but for a local business, what happens after the click, after the call to action, after the visitor makes the call to your business determines whether your pay-per-click campaigns are effective.

Calls generated by pay-per-click campaigns are pre-qualified leads. Leads you have paid for. Although we usually talk about the landing pages in terms of getting site visitors to take an action, once they take the action they are potential customers. For local businesses, the goal is usually to get the caller to make an appointment or come into the store.

If a pre-qualified lead is given to one of your employees, what does he or she do with the lead? Is your business ready to turn that lead into a sale?

More simply, who answers the phone at your business?

  • Do they know what actions you want potential customers to take?
  • Can they state your value proposition?
  • Can they overcome objections?
  • Do they know how to ask for the sale?

Some things never change and sales skills will always be important. Online marketing can deliver you pre-qualified leads, but when the customer calls your number, it's time to build a rapport, identify their needs, present solutions, handle objections and close the sale.

~Dianne Bengtson
Partner, Ability Multimedia

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