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Updating website content yourself, some thoughts on the hows and whys

January 26th, 2008

One of the most customer requested features is the ability to add or change content. There is an easy way to keep your website content fresh without needing your Web designer to update the code. It uses a simple editing tool designed for non-technical users. It doesnít affect the website design, layout or content in other areas of the website.

The secret is blogging software. It makes updating content and connecting with customers much easier and more affordable. Itís really a quantum leap in updating content.

We are talking about adding blogging to your own website with your own branding, not writing a blog on a blogging website. You can write everything from articles to advertisements These are a few ideas to start.

Keep website content up-to-date

  1. keep content relevant to the current season, or circumstance
  2. communicate timely topics such as sales, and special offers
  3. revise changing content such as class schedules or special events

Add content about topics in your field

  1. connect with visitors on topics of the moment
  2. demonstrate your value to customers by establishing yourself as an expert
  3. build your reputation and credibility as a professional
  4. give customers information that will help you to serve them more effectively

Build rapport with customers

  1. give your website a conversational and approachable tone
  2. encourage customers to communicate with you
  3. build ongoing relationships with your customers
  4. build a community to keep visitors coming back to your website

Optimize your ranking on search engines

  1. Enhance the appeal of your website to search engines
  2. increase the frequency of content updates to make your website appear fresher and more relevant
  3. extend your content so your website will be returned in more searches

If you are convinced or just curious, call us for an appointment at our North Seattle office for a chat about how your business can benefit from this great new technology.

~Dianne Bengtson
Partner, Ability Multimedia

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